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Leviathan gas project - The largest Israeli energy mission

Involved companies

The companies involved in the project 

Clean energy campaign

This campaign focused on the ecological benefits of using natural gas from the Leviathan drillings instead of polluting fuels like coal.

Energetic independence campaign

This campaign emphasized the Leviathan project's importance to  Israel's national security interests and demonstrated the energy independence it brings to the Israeli market.

About the project

One of the world’s most significant deep-water gas discoveries and its development is the largest energy project in Israeli history. 

The site is estimated to hold 22 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas and will transform Israel into an energy powerhouse in the region.

אסדת הגז במאגר 'תמר' | פלאש 90

The context

The Leviathan extraction platform is located 6 miles offshore (10 kilometers)  across from the town of Zichron Yaakov.  The customized rig has a dedicated offshore processing facility that will process the gas deposits pumped in from sea and transfer it to the national power grid.   

The Problem the project faced

The problem the project faced

  • Environmental organizations and local residents claimed that the Gas storage facilities are a ticking time bomb that risks the lives of the people living nearby and will cause significant environmental damage.

  • Environmental groups arranged protests and demonstrated against the testing and extraction of the gas due to concerns of increased air pollution.  Using traditional and social media platforms to deliver their message and pressure the government to stop pumping until further studies regarding air quality were done. 

Our campaign 

  • Our campaign emphasized the Leviathan project as a national project instead of a business project.

  • The message focused on the project's national value - both on the financial and security level.  The project allows for Israel’s energy independence for the first time in history.  This important message was delivered using print, television, and social media platforms. 

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