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Uncompromising. Strategy.

We create a strategy that makes winners.

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Our activity


Winning presidential elections





Our services
Cross-industry consulting solutions 

Strategic consulting

Supervising and co-hawk strategical consulting for every scenario in the political and private sector

Research analytics

Conducting in-depth research and bringing unique insights that change the rules game 

Campaign management

Management of campaigns and advertisement activities for any kind of project or elections



Management of crisis incidents and incident response for public figures, companies, and organizations

Featured Projects 

During the years we have made lead dozens of campines and supervised governmental organizations, NGOs, and private companies in a variety of industries

Israeli energy sector

Likud party Prime Ministerial campaign



We are providing services to international companies, with worldwide projects in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Israel Bachar

Israel Bachar, the founder and CEO of Bachar Strategy is one of the most influential and sought-after campaign strategists in Israel.  For over twenty years, Bachar has advised prime ministers, government ministers, mayors, regional councils, and corporations in the banking, communications, and gas industries with his expertise in research, strategic communications, campaign strategies, brand identity, crisis management, and message design.

In 2009, Israel Bachar was the father of the "bloc first of all" doctrine, in which case Netanyahu formed his government.

Yosi Varter

Haaretz news journalist, 2019

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